The Best Birthday Parties in Madrid!


Parties for kids in Madrid

Our JumpParty is a birthday party for kids that no one will forget!
Super fun activities that anyone can do while we take care of the entire organization and make sure everything runs smoothly.
Check the packs available below and book your birthday party in just a few clicks!

Book a super fun children's party at JumpYard Madrid

Party guests will have some serious fun on our trampolines! Laugh, burn some energy, do somersaults, jump off the JumpTower, play on Valo Tv or climb on the Clip N’ Climb. After all the fun, the table will be set in the party room, where catering is served and, of course, the cake!

Oh and don’t worry about the cleaning, we’ll take care of that too!

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Parties starting at 17€

Choose one of our 3 birthday party packs

From Monday to Thursday all packs have a DISCOUNT of €3 per participant (excludes holidays and school holidays)

Pack mini Birthday Parties JumpYard Madrid


1 hour in the activities arena

30 minutes in the party room

JumpYard non-slip socks


1 hour in the activities arena

30 minutes in the party room

JumpYard non-slip socks

Catering included:
mini cheese and ham sandwiches or mini cheeseham pizzas, french fries, mini muffins, jellies, juice and water.


For an even more complete party!






All participants must arrive at approximately 30 minutes before the reserved time. We’ll hand out the  JumpYard official non-slip socks and wristbands to access the activities area, and we will check for allergies and/or food restrictions.

A JumpYard monitor will accompany the group to an area where they can leave shoes and clothes not necessary for the activity.

Then all the participants are directed to the activities zone and after indication of the JumpYard monitor, the participants start the 60 minutes of free activity (the JumpYard monitor will not follow the participants during the activities, but there are several monitors in all zones, to provide the necessary support).

After the activity, all participants must move to the party room. A party room will be allocated for 30 minutes with the respective catering included in the booking. A JumpYard monitor will be available for any support needed.

Example of a birthday party program (for a party reserved for 1pm).

Allow at least 2 hours from entry to exit.

Arrival: 12:30 pm, Activity: 1:00 pm-2:00 pm, Party room: 2:00 pm-2:30 pm

The sessions always start at the beginning of the hour (ex: 10AM, 11AM…) and are available every day, within the space’s opening hours.

Make a reservation and check availability online.

Birthday Parties require a minimum of 6 participants.

The booking is made online, up to a maximum of 25 participants.

If you want to book a party with more than 25 participants, please contact us:

The minimum age of participants is 4 years.

We do not allow outside food or beverages, with the exception of birthday cakes.

You can bring your own birthday cake with the respective utensils (plates, napkins, cutlery…) free of charge.

If you need us to supply utensils, a service charge of €9 will be applied.

You can download invitations here. We will also email them to you on the booking confirmation.

Yes, you can! All birthday kids must be included in the total number of participants.

Yes, the activity is for both children and adults. If they wish to access the activities area, they must be included in the total number of participants.

When participants go to the private party room, any Adult will be able to access this space for the specified time.

You can always contact us so that we can check for alternatives.

Our menus can accommodate any diet, food intolerances and/or allergies.

Yes, we allow you to bring your own decorations, however, you must ensure that they are assembled and removed during the 30 minutes you have access to the room!

Yes, you can bring your own gift bags, however, they must only be delivered when leaving the space.

You must make your booking online by clicking here or on one of the buttons that say “Book Now”. We recommend booking in advance for all participants.

Each session has a limited capacity, so we cannot guarantee additional seats on the day itself.

It is possible to change the date and/or time of the reservation, as long as you tell us before check-in time.

At the time of booking, payment of the full amount is required.

It is possible to make changes to the reservation on the same day, directly at the reception.

You will only pay for confirmed participants (minimum 6 participants).

For changes greater than 5 participants, you must contact us in advance.

If you want to cancel the party, you must contact us up to 7 days before the day of the party.

Each participant assumes full responsibility for the activities carried out.


Minimum age: 4 years

Minimum number of 6 participants (birthday person included)

All participants must arrive 30 minutes before the reserved time.

It is not allowed to bring food and/or drinks (except birthday cakes)

At the time of booking, payment of the full amount is required.

You will only pay for confirmed participants (minimum 6 participants).