The images used in this video include activities in other JumpYard spaces and may not be available at Lisbon’s venue.

Challenge yourself to walk above the park!

Our High Ropes route starts from the upper level, about 6-7 meters in the air. It contains about 12 different obstacles with different degrees of difficulty. This activity is suitable for everyone who wants a fun challenge and is reasonably brave!

Climbers can go together and get from one obstacle to another with the help of suspension bridges, nets, climbing sections and other fun challenges. 15 participants can climb the high ropes course at the same time. Each lap takes about 15 minutes to complete.

The High Ropes are not included in the ticket price and must be purchased separately!
It costs (include price here). We recommend doing this activity before or after the jump time. 
A minimum of 135 cm and a maximum of 185cm is required to this activity

You will always be tied with a harness and secured by a rope system. Unlike a normal Via Ferrata route, you never have to unhook the carabiners to get from one obstacle to another, which means you are always safe from a fall. Our security equipment is checked daily and our staff is trained to make sure you are always safe.