The images used in this video include activities in other JumpYard spaces and may not be available at Bilbao’s venue.

Learn to climb!

With JumpYard’s climbing walls you’ll face a fun new challenge – Clip ‘N Climb. A little courage, strength and concentration and everyone can reach the top.

The harness is (automatically) put on so you can climb at your own pace. Clip ’N Climb is a perfect activity for a birthday party, company party or just to take a break from the trampolines.You don’t need any experience to climb at JumpYard Bilbao. You also won’t need to wear your own equipment (such as a helmet or special shoes). 

Minimum age to climb is 4 years old. There is a minimum weight limit of 15 kg. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child weighs at least 15 kg before accessing the space for this activity. We can interrupt the activity for failure to comply with these rules. A mandatory security review is always done before climbing.

This activity is included in all tickets at no extra cost.