The images used in this video include activities in other JumpYard spaces and may not be available at Bilbao’s venue

Learn how to challenge gravity!

The performance area is dedicated to jumpers looking to “fly” higher!

If you are passionate about wallrunning, this is where you want to be! For those who haven’t tried the art of defying gravity and walking on walls, our hosts will be there to teach you how to take your first steps.

You can also try our Super Tramp, a high-performance trampoline that has a much higher bounce than normal trampolines, giving you more air time to practice your tricks. It’s widely used by athletes looking to improve their aerial skills in sports such as skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and skateboarding.

It’s a great area to try out after getting a first taste of our Main Court and Air Bag.

This activity is included in all tickets at no extra cost.